The Ultimate Expedition and Adventure Vessel

The Concept

Having run Superyacht Tenders and Toys for over 10 years and sold and project managed 100’s of tenders, we believed there was a gap in the market for a no nonsense, go anywhere aluminium superyacht tender, specifically designed for superyacht use with all the equipment required. Special focus is on seaworthiness, handling and comfort. The boats all have storage and load carrying of yacht toys and equipment, with ROAM Tenders having built in Seabob racks, dive bottle racks, air compressor, load carrying roof rack for bikes, kayaks, surfboards and more. There is no comparable vessel designed for the adventurous owner who wishes to go off the beaten track and explore. Whatever the weather, wherever it is being used there is no better tender for delivering the adventure.


Boating is all about experiences and we are proud to have created a platform that expands peoples horizons of what is possible. We are a vertically integrated company with in house design, engineering, manufacturing and assembly. This approach gives us complete control and ensures our high standards are constantly met.

ROAM Shadow

High speed catamaran able to do up to 27 knots solely focussed on transporting and storing yacht toys, tenders and submersibles.

ROAM Shadow

Integrated supply. Fully designed, engineered, manufactured, managed and outfitted by one company, able to provide tenders, toys and the full owners supply under one roof.

ROAM 24 Shadow Boat in White

10m RIB

The ultimate adventure RIBs. Unrivalled dive bottle, kayak, SUP, bike, Seabob storage.

8m RIB

Designed from the ground up as the most capable and seaworthy superyacht tenders with a deep V hull, high interior volume and multifunctional semi-custom layout.