ROAM Landing Craft Vessels

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Landing Craft Utility

Despite being a rugged out and out utility vessel, the 8.5m ROAM Landing Craft presents owners with an array of benefits just not afforded to traditional yacht tenders.

Designed specifically to accommodate an automobile, the vessel is akin to a Landing Craft Utility, making easy and efficient vehicular access to and from the shore a true advantage over a conventional beach lander.

Away from being a car carrier, the large open deck doubles as a refuse and equipment area, people carrier, dive platform or even, an alfresco dining space.

Built to order from aluminium, we are able to be as versatile in design and production as the end product is in purpose and performance.

Technical specification

Construction Material: Aluminum
Length Overall: 8.5 m
Beam Maximum: 3.2 m
Static Draft: 0.6 m
Vessel configuration: Catamaran with twin outboard engines 
Fender Material: Hard rubber / PE foam-polyurea
Engines: 2x Mercury V6 – 175 hp
Weight with the engines (dry): 4,000kg
Fuel Capacity: 400 Litres
Maximum Speed: 28 Knots
Cruising Speed: 20 Knots
Seating Capacity: 6 guests / 2 crew
CE Category: C (B)

Inflatable Landing Craft

Thanks to its shallow draft, rugged nature and minimal weight, our Inflatable Landing Craft is perfect for beach landings. 

Ideal for transporting people and equipment, this model in our landing craft range benefits from a hinged bow door, allowing for easy shore access for on and off-loading.

Much like our Landing Craft, this utilitarian vessel boasts a large open deck perfect for carrying everything from luggage and provisions to kayaks, motorbikes and scuba equipment.

With a rigging time of just 15 minutes, the ROAM Inflatable Landing Craft can be launched as quickly as it can be stowed.

Technical specifications

Hull Construction:
Length Overall: 5.5-8m
Beam Maximum: 2.76m
Pack Down Size: 1.6m x 0.7m x 0.4m (excluding engine)
Rigging time: 15 minutes (out the bag)
Horsepower: 20-50
Speed: 20+ knots
Estimated range: 50 miles